Politics in East Central Europe is a network of political and social scientists who conduct research on political processes, institutions and policy fields in East Central European countries.

We are interested in the causes and effects of national developments since 1989 and how they are interconnected (or not) with other countries and the European Union.


Through our network, we wish to piece together comparative data, field work evidence and theoretical explanations concerning democratisation and deconsolidation, the role played by institutions and context and the complex functioning of the European multilevel system. We also strive to cooperate in international research and teaching projects.


We make use of qualitative and quantitative methods, comparative and case studies, intraregional analyses as well as samples that look beyond the region. These help us to unterstand which features and processes in East Central Europe are specific to the region, which are unique to certain countries but not specifically to the region, and which are typical of many European countries.